iCAN is a resource available to any organization, company, or group which seeks the input of children and families in their projects. We utilize online-based surveys, focus groups, forums, and more to engage all of the youth advisory groups in our network to provide specific feedback about studies, products, and devices intended for the treatment of children globally. While much of the work we have done has fallen into the categories mentioned previously, we are open to assist in any way we can to help benefit children globally.

Being an international organization, we are able to provide feedback from a range of age groups from many different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, as well as healthy and sick kids. This allows us to help you make crucial changes to product and study designs prior to the trial phase, to ensure that your initiatives are well-suited for children and families. By engaging children early on in the research process and educating the world about the importance of participating in clinical research, we aim to increase the level of participation in pediatric clinical trials so that our future youth may have greater access to life-saving interventions.