What does YPAG and KIDS stand for?
YPAG: Young Persons’ Advisory Group
KIDS: Kids Impacting Disease through Science
These are two types of chapters currently under the iCAN network.
Is there a cost associated with being involved with iCAN?
No, iCAN aims to provide children and families with opportunities to lend their input to improve pediatric clinical research and health care. In order to effectively meet this goal without limitations, iCAN offers the engagement of its network at no cost, however, collaborating partners are welcome to make donations to our foundation at any time.
How old do you have to be to participate?
The age range of iCAN chapters is 8-18.
How is iCAN funded?
iCAN is supported by the Foundation for Children, which is the 501 (c) 3 nonprofit arm of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (CT-AAP). As a nonprofit organization, iCAN is able to continue to serve our pediatric populations thanks to the generous support of partners. If you are interested in making a donation or being a corporate sponsor of the iCAN initiative, feel free to contact us for more information!
How do iCAN members join councils or committees?
iCAN currently has three councils consisting of both adult and youth members: the Team Leader Council, Youth Council, and Parent Council. Council members are typically selected by invitation from leadership.
iCAN currently has six committees consisting of both adult and youth members: the Education Committee, Membership Committee, Technology Committee, Finance Committee, Conference Committee, and Summit Planning Committee. Applications are accepted by committees as needed to keep up with the increasing demands of the expanding network.
How can I attend the annual Summit?
The annual iCAN Research & Advocacy Summit is the one time each year that all iCAN chapters come together to share experiences, learn from one another and network with professionals from across the globe, while allowing the scientific community to engage with children and learn about the value and the significant importance of the influence of children on research, medicine, and innovation. Team Leaders select a number of youth advisers to represent their respective chapters at the Summit, based on funding and resources. Selected representatives are often some of the most involved members of their local chapters, who display exemplary interest and motivation to improve the future of pediatric research and medicine. If you are an iCAN youth member and you are interested in attending the Summit, your Chapter Team Leader can answer any questions you have about attending the Summit!
Industry partners are also invited to attend, participate in, and contribute to the Summit in the form of a sponsorship, educational workshop, session or clinic. If you are interested in helping organize and/or lead a session at the Summit, please contact us!  We also would like to provide our Sponsors with an opportunity to share their organization within our global network.
How do I join an existing iCAN chapter?
If you’d like to join an existing iCAN chapter near you, feel free to view the respective team’s page under the “chapters” tab above. If there is not a direct application link for your team of interest, please contact us with your information.
Do you have to have been a participant in a clinical trial to be a member of iCAN?
Not at all! While it certainly is beneficial to our network to have those with experience in clinical trials, it is by no means necessary in order to be involved with iCAN. In fact, the majority of our Youth Members have never been personally involved in a clinical trial. One of iCAN’s many goals is to educate the world (especially our youth) about the importance of not only participating in clinical trials when the opportunity presents itself, but also the importance of involving children and families in the process of designing pediatric clinical trials so that we can help eliminate any negative stigma against being a participant, so that cures and more safe and effective treatments can be tested in children.
I’m in college but I’d like to get involved with iCAN. Is there a way I can contribute?
In order to ensure that we are properly engaging children to provide feedback on various aspects of pediatric research and medicine, we prefer to limit our Youth Advisers to the 8-18 age range for typical chapters already established. However, there are certainly many other ways to get involved! Please contact us if you are interested, and we can try to find a way for you to get involved with iCAN! We are always looking for volunteers or other opportunities to collaborate and address important pediatric initiatives, both locally and internationally.