iCAN has a number of committees that provide youth advisors with opportunities to be more largely involved in the organization at an international level, have a greater overall impact, and gain valuable leadership experience. Each committee serves a number of different functions to ensure that our youth advisors are always at the heart of what we do, and that we continue to serve our pediatric populations in the most effective ways possible.

Youth Council

Youth Council
The iCAN Youth Council is comprised of 25 individuals from 19 young person’s research advisory teams in 7 countries around the world. Along with participation in their own local chapters, youth council members represent their teams in monthly collaborations such as creating surveys to be distributed at paediatric conferences, lending input to local and international pediatric projects and documents, as well as helping to lend youth perspective on iCAN-related projects. The Youth Council is organized and run entirely by youth in the iCAN network and connect in-person annually at the iCAN Summit. The opinions and comments generated at each meeting is brought to the attention of the larger iCAN network through the Youth Council Chair at the monthly Board of Directors meeting. This novel organization structure not only allows young people opportunities to be at the forefront of research and innovation, it also empowers youth when they see their feedback being tangibly implemented.

-Vivian Tsang, Youth Council Chair

Education Committee

The Education Committee focuses on educating our iCAN members about clinical research and patient advocacy. This committee is working on establishing a database of education resources for all iCAN team leaders, youth advisors, and families. The Education Committee is also developing orientation materials and programs for new members. The members of this committee are passionate about promoting research and showcasing the positive impact of working with children and families in medicine and research.

-Siaw Yee, Youth Chair

Conference Committee

The iCAN Conference Committee is a multi-national group comprised of youths, parents, and team leaders that collaborate virtually to plan and provide feedback for iCAN’s appearances at pediatric conferences, as well as the annual iCAN Research and Advocacy Summit. Our committee works closely with the iCAN coordinator and the Summit Planning Committee to carry out conference-specific tasks, such as developing the iCAN Travel Policy, submitting feedback on Summit activities, and contributing to other written documents relating to conference attendance. The tasks performed by the Conference Committee are integral to the continual development of iCAN’s international presence, first setting the precedent by assisting in planning the success of the 2016 Barcelona Summit, and soon to follow, the 2017 Florida Summit and various other conferences. Our behind the scenes work helps ensure iCAN delegations smoothly experience international collaboration both internally at the Summit, and externally through promoting iCAN at conferences.

-Jessica, Youth Chair

Membership Committee

iCAN’s Membership Committee has the objective to connect all chapters of the organization, as well as individual members together. It includes a parent Chairperson, a youth Chairperson, and four other youth members. The primary focus of the membership committee over the past year has been to create communication platforms for the members of iCAN to increase collaboration throughout the network. Our main initiative is putting out the quarterly newsletter that informs iCAN about work done in different chapters, upcoming events, as well as some important organizational announcements. Our future plans are directed towards strengthening and expanding iCAN’s membership.

-Michelle, Newsletter Editor

Summit Planning Committee

The Summit Planning Committee is responsible for organizing and planning the annual iCAN summit, which was held in Washington DC in 2015, Barcelona in 2016 and will be held in Orlando, Florida in 2017. The Summit Planning Committee is comprised of youth, parents, team leaders and board members. This committee is responsible for planning all aspects of the Summit, including finances, the agenda and timing of events, as well as the activities and presentations that take place at the Summit. The members of this committee work closely with the chapter hosting the summit and by incorporating feedback from previous years, they strive to create an educational and enjoyable Summit experience for everyone who attends.

-Sarah, Youth Member

Technology Committee

The goal of the Technology Committee is to make sure all of iCAN’s amazing members can stay updated and connected through technology. The main focus of the technology committee up to this point has been to help launch the iCAN website, and we will continue to expand our duties to keep up with the increasing size and demand of the growing network.

-Jake, Youth Chair